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my CapacitorFaks

The Capacitor Faks library is the largest in the industry, but at over 3,200 individual data sheets, a lot of the content does not relate to your individual needs.

Get the data YOU need

With your very own my CapacitorFaks portal, you can order the data sheets, technical input and samples to match your precise requirements.

Sized to fit

Whether you need a few data sheets or some technical input for a one-off design, a complete data sheet reference centre or samples for prototyping

The Only Capacitor Data Sheet & Sampling Tool You’ll Ever Need

Personal Portal

Your very own my CapacitorFaks portal unleashes the full power of the unique Capacitor Faks platform.


On-Line Catalogs

Save serious time on your next design project and order a fully customised, on-line catalog beforehand


Enterprise Library

Get a complete library tailored to your requirements for larger development projects or ongoing reference


Technical Input

Let us take care of any technical input you require by liaising on your behalf with manufacturers and distributors


Leave the worry of ordering, shipping and tracking samples to our best-in-class logistics service


Stay up-to-date with all your data sheet, technical and sample requests with your portal dashboard


Change your portal contents to suit your day-to-day or week-to-week requirements.

Fast Turnaround

Custom catalogs delivered within 24 hours and fully tailored enterprise libraries in as little as 5 days



Start out small and then build and configure your portal services to suit your expanding needs

Completely Portable

Whether you’re changing jobs or switching designs, take your my CapacitorFaks portal with you, and we’ll update it to match your changing needs.

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