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Multilayer ceramic capacitors or MLCCs are among the most common capacitors on the market. From TVs to LCD monitors to DVD players and computers, MLCCs have an extensive list of applications in the design of electronic devices. As a result, electrical engineers often find themselves browsing multi layer ceramic capacitor datasheets, looking for capacitors that offer the specs they need.

Due to the prevalence of MLCCs are used in electrical engineering projects, you would think that there would be one central data hub where engineers could search through datasheets for all the different multilayer ceramic capacitors on the market. Until recently, though, that wasn’t the case. Engineers searching for capacitor multi layer ceramic datasheets would have to jump from one manufacturer or distributor website to the next if they wanted to shop around for MLCCs. There was no convenient way to search through datasheets and zero in on the right MLCC for a specific electronic device.

Introducing Capacitor Faks: A Central Hub for Capacitor Datasheets for Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Capacitor Faks was born from one of the most common pain points in the entire electrical industry: searching for capacitor data. While the internet made it possible for engineers to access datasheets about multi layer ceramic capacitors and other types of capacitors, it didn’t make the search convenient. There was no Wikipedia or central database where an engineer could search through a comprehensive collection of datasheets and find the right capacitor for their project. Instead, the process was more of a trial and error kind of thing: engineers would go to various distributor or manufacturer sites, see what they had to offer in different capacitor categories and then go elsewhere if there wasn’t a capacitor with the specs they needed.

Our founder, Anthony Kenny, observed this inconvenient process first-hand. As a 25-year member of Australia’s capacitor industry, Anthony worked to supply capacitors to engineers designing all manner of different products and projects. He realised that the lack of a convenient data hub for capacitor information was hurting everyone—engineers, manufacturers, and distributors—but also saw that there wasn’t any clear solution to the problem on the horizon.

Ultimately, Anthony took matters into his own hands and built Capacitor Faks, the largest database of capacitor datasheets in the world. If you need to find a multilayer ceramic capacitor datasheet, you can search our data hub instead of going to a particular manufacturer or distributor. We’ve pulled the datasheets from every primary source, so you can explore them all on our site rather than hopping from one spot on the web to another. Add a powerful search function and digitally enhanced datasheet content, and our database is simply the easiest way to find the right capacitor for your next project.

Start Searching Our Database for Free.

If you’re looking for a capacitor and need to browse several multi layer ceramic datasheets, start your search on Capacitor Faks. We can make your search process faster, helping you hit deadlines faster, take on more projects and boost revenues. Best of all, access to our database is entirely free.

If you want to learn how to use Capacitor Faks, click here to book your free demo today.

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