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electronica 2018

Manufacturers look to amp up performance of automotive components

When KEMET’s Chief Scientist Philip Lessner looks at automotive trend market reports, like the one predicting that in 12 years one third to one quarter of all cars sold will be electric or hybrid, he must be satisfied with his company’s current product...
Aqueous Hybrid Capacitor

KAIST introduces faster and more powerful aqueous hybrid capacitor

A KAIST research team says they have taken a further step to realising safe energy storage with high energy density, high power density, and a longer cycle life.The hybrid storage alternative is said to demonstrate power density 100 times faster than...
Electric Vehicle

Why some film capacitors are preferred for EV applications

Electric (EV), hybrid (HV) and plug-in hybrid (PHV) vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for use as personal cars, buses, trams, trains, industrial trucks, forklifts and more. Capacitors have always had a wide range of applications in automotive...
Conformally Coated Tantalum Capacitors

When to choose a conformally coated tantalum capacitor

When it comes to selecting a surface mount tantalum capacitor, the first choice is whether to use a precision molded part or a conformally coated device.The most common choice for commercial applications is the precision molded capacitor. They possess...

An introduction to low ESR capacitors

There is no such thing as an ideal capacitor, except in theory. In practice, the circuit model of any capacitor contains series inductance (ESL) and series resistance (ESR). Although equivalent series resistance is often shown in circuit models as a...