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Capacitor Faks is a data sheet library and search engine in one, designed so that you can find the capacitor data you need in minutes instead of hours

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Our menu items and filter modules will have you drilling down to the data sheets you need quickly and easily. No more navigating from website to website. All the data sheets you need are right here at your fingertips.

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Capacitor Faks lets you get on with more important things by making capacitor selection for your next design-in a breeze.

Researching Capacitors Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

The internet has been a game changer, but some things remained stubbornly the same. Capacitor data sheets continued to reside within manufacturer silos. We’ve changed all that.

A simple idea, but simple can be best. Thank you for making capacitors a whole lot easier than they used to be. Gabriel L.

Senior Hardware Engineer, San Diego

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