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Researching capacitors is time-consuming

Optimize Your Research Time and Objectives

The internet is a game changer, but some things remain stubbornly the same. Capacitor data sheets remain lodged within manufacturer and distributor online silos.

You need to navigate from site to site to research for new designs. This takes time. Your search costs are high.

Stop spending time researching capacitors, so you can spend it productively on other things.

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Research Tools Built Exactly To Your Needs

Without the right tools, researching components is a game of chance. Traditional search engines lack the concept and depth of specialized search engines, and free search engines deliver inaccurate, incomplete and out-of-date results.

Our unique suite of search tools changes all that.

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All dielectrics

All industry grades

Extended performance types

All mounting styles

All functional applications

All circuit applications


Power factor correction capacitors

Safety rated types


What We Can Do For You

We are a unique, freelance advisory service designed to save you time and money researching capacitors for new designs or second sourcing requirements. We are not affiliated with any brands and deliver bias-free results.

Our device discovery service is powered by the largest capacitor data sheets library in the industry and a search engine hand-built by industry veterans to guarantee you accurate results.

Technical Information

We supply free technical and/or logistical information across the entire industry range

Device discovery

Our unique search tools find the devices you need quickly and easily

Application Engineering

Our FAEs are on call to provide expert advise


We arrange, ship and track samples


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